Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fake Fancy

You know how your boyfriend takes you to bomb vintage shops, and styles you to death, and then has a full-blown photo shoot with you in the fitting room? No? Well, let me tell you how it goes, because ummm its SUPER FUN!!! 
So, today babe & I took a lil' trip to Avalon Exchange, and "browsing" turned into a party. As soon as I entered the doors, i fixed my big eyes on a floor-length fur coat. I swear it was love at first sight. I pranced right on over to it, and the price was even more beautiful than the coat itself. "I have to have it," I thought to myself, and yes, babe agreed. I scurried right on over to the dressing room to try it on, and behold... AN ICE QUEEN!!! Like really, where's a crown and wand when you need it??
We grabbed a pair of super cute shades, pulled out his camera, and held a whole photo shoot, right there in the fitting room. Look at all the magic we created...

by Janée Barbre


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