Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Style Inpso + Christmas Cheer All Year Long

I absolutely adore plaid button-ups and flannels. They're always in style, can be worn a million different ways, and are hella comfortable! I snagged this super cute one from Old Navy earlier this season, and I've worn it at least once a week ever since I purchased it. In fact, I wore it to a party the night I got it! It pairs well with any wash of denim and I got a size up, for length so I could wear it as a dress with a pair of thigh-high boots! Throw on a pair of booty shorts, and you've got yourself a LEWK!


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Who's That Girl?: Q & A With Chelsie Jones

"If I could make a career out of doing makeup that would definitely mean the world to me."
- Chelsie Jones

22-year-old Beauty Enthusiast Chelsie Jones caught my eye on Instagram with her flawless makeup and perfect selfies a while ago. I was more than happy to add another gorgeous face to my 
TL from the moment we followed each other. She seems to have mastered the GLOW we all long for when dusting highlighter on our cheeks and I am so here for the shine of it all. Chelsie recently launched her own YouTube channel *cheers* so I figured this was the perfect time to feature her here on the blog. When she's not doing school work or hanging with friends, she spends her free time doing makeup. She says her obsession with makeup started as a little girl and she enjoys seeing how makeup can enhance your look. It amazes her! She is originally from Ridgeland, Mississippi, but currently resides in Oxford, Mississippi. Check out this super bomb interview with glow girl, Chelsie Jones.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Bold Stripes, Pearl Earrings, and a Whole Lotta Thankfulness

Two of this season's hottest trends are bold stripes and pearls, and I am totally here for it! I love a good stripe. It's my favorite pattern. Vertical or horizontal, there's a perfect set of stripes for everyone. Pearls are just timeless. They indicate stature and grace. There is truly something to be said about a woman in pearls, and not just in her ears. Pearls are everywhere now: tops, skirts, jeans, jackets, shoes, etc. I did a slight combination of these trends for this look. Get the deets!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Pretty Stuff: 4 Things To Do When You're Feeling A Little Down

We've officially entered the last part of the year, aka "crunch time." It is now November, the holidays are quickly approaching, and a whole new year is on its way. Seems wild, right? I really can't believe 2017 zoomed by the way it did. It has really been one heck of a year! Things can seem a little overwhelming at this time for many, I know I can personally testify. In fact, last Thursday I posted a photo on Instagram and the caption simply read, "Overwhelmed, but it's okay." So many of my followers commented or sent me a DM saying that they could relate along with some encouraging words. That's what inspired me to write this blog post. We all have a lot going on, it's a part of life. But with the many things that seem like obstacles, there's still so much to have joy in. Let me help you get through the end of the year without feeling defeated. These are just a few things I do to remind myself that everything is okay when it seems like my world is falling apart. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pretty Stuff: Halloween Glam by Tallia Lee

We've finally reached the spookiest day of the year, Halloween! Mean Girls taught us that in "Girl World," dressing up in slutty lingerie and animal ears is the way to go, but Tallia Lee x Muse Beauty Agency says slay! Halloween doesn't have to be so gruesome, ya know. It's really the perfect time to be as extra and glamorous as you want. Tallia is one of my favorite MUA's, and yours too, as she's been featured here on JB a couple of times before. When I caught her on Snapchat preparing for Halloween this year, I got excited and immediately asked if I could feature her on my blog. Get into this "Mermaid-Skeleton-Turned Zombie" Halloween beat, because it is definitely a work of art!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Birthday Weekend Vibes: A Denim Mini, Snapchat Filtas + Ice Cream

Hey guys!! I know it's been a while since I've been on my blog, but I'm back. I've missed writing about my little life on here so much. I truly don't why I've been neglecting my dot com, but I promise you I still love my baby (my blog) with all my heart. I did take some time to focus more on beauty content and began making mini-IG hair tutorials. The goal is to transition over to YouTube, but y'all know I move like a snail. Great things take time, and I want my content to be perfect before I put it out there. Just bear with me, it'll be worth it. For now, let's catch up!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Pretty Stuff: Bootay Bag

"Hello babe: I'm here"

Hey hey hey! You guys know how much I adore subscriptions for cute stuff and I'm super excited about sharing this one with you. Bootay Bag is a monthly subscription for ladies that delivers super cute undies for only $12. You get to choose the fit and style that best suits you, and the shipping is FREE! Sweet deal, right? I received my very first Bootay Bag last week complimentary, and I am obsessed. Take a peek at the new undies I got and find out how you can get a pair of your own, too.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pretty Stuff: Alicia Sanchez | Dear God, Are We There Yet?

You guys know how much I love to support and show love to any girl who's chasing a dream! I enjoy having the opportunity to share some of their work with you all right here on my blog. Today, I am featuring a very dope girl who wears many hats, Alicia Sanchez. Alicia is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, business mentor, blogger, and published writer. She has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show, Black Shopping Channel, endless publications, and various fashion weeks. How could you not be inspired?! Her latest endeavors include "A Witty Self Help Novel," titled Dear God, Are We There Yet? and I'm certain we could all use it! Its launch was yesterday, August 8, 2017, in addition to a virtual book tour! Keep reading for a glimpse into this novel.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Hello August, Let's Flourish!

Hey loves! This won't be a typical style post, so you're in for a treat. I'm gonna give the deets on my outfit, but this is mostly a post for inspiration. We are more than half way through 2017. Can you believe that a new year will be here in like four months?! Time seems like it's slipping away, but that's why I wanted to take a moment to throw some good vibes at inspo to my readers. Something about the month of August has me feeling more motivated than ever before. I think everyone deserves to feel this good, so I'm here to help out with that. 


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pretty Stuff: Influenster Oasis VoxBox

So, ya girl got her very first VoxBox via Influenster. I'm super excited about sharing my goodies with you all, and believe me... I got some pretty good stuff!  The best thing, is that is was FREE. Yep, $0.00! I'm gonna tell you how you can get one too, but first let's take a look into my Oasis VoxBox

Monday, July 31, 2017

Wash Day With Janée

Yesterday I tried to film my wash day routine, but it was an EPIC FAIL. I literally sat in front of the camera doing my hair, only to discover that only a minute and thirty-five seconds of my footage was actually captured. *face palms* I mean I did a lil' something something with the footage I got, but I decided to just do a simple blog post for now. So here it is!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Something to Brunch About

"My bank account has 1 brunch and 1/2 an uber in it."
- A meme I found on Instagram.

Hey gals, summer is in full effect and there's a ton of stuff going on. Events, festivals, concerts, parties, and my favorite of all, BRUNCH! Spring and summer are like the perfect seasons for brunch, because mimosas, DUH! But even better, you get to eat outside, enjoy the beautiful weather (most days), and be kind of lazy afterwards. If you're like me, you do brunch quite often! And when I say "do brunch," that means you dress up for it, too. I mean, what's brunch without style? *waits for a real answer* Here's some style inpso for all the summer brunches you'll be attending this season.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Summer Time Style Inspiration

Click here to see this look in motion!

Hey, hey! It's summer time, and the livin' is easy. Shouldn't the way we dress be easy, too? It's too hot to be stressed out over an outfit! Here's a quick look that will surely work for summer: shorts and a super cute top! I know I'm sporting heels here, but this can totally be worn with a cute pair of flats or sandals. Keep reading for the details!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pretty Stuff: Nneka Gigi

"Be extremely comfortable with planting seeds that may not bloom right away."
- Nneka Gigi

I love meeting dope girls from all over, even its just virtually. What's also cool, is learning about these girls' creativity and talents. Nneka Gigi is one of those girls. She's a visual artist and creates the coolest stuff. One look at her site, and I was incredibly inspired. If you are a 90s kid who loves unique fashion, you too will be inspired. Her latest work includes a super cool digital magazine and a Street Couture Short Film. I'm excited to feature her here on JB and I promise you're all gonna love it. Check out our interview below along with her work and where you can find it!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Style Crush: Logan Browning

I think I fell in love with actress Logan Browning when she brought my favorite doll to life in Bratz. Do you guys remember that film? She was cute af as Sasha, right? She also slayed as Jelena Howard in the hit series Hit The Floor. Browning is leading a pretty successful career, and doing so very stylishly might I add. I've kept up with her via Instagram and Twitter for a while, and I can't help but watch all her stories and like every single picture she posts. She's always had great style, but it seems like she's kicked it up a notch lately. From her gorgeous hair to her super dope personality, the Dear White People star is a stunner for sure! I've decided to break this style crush into two parts. First we're going to admire Logan's personal style, then we're going to swoon over her hair. Let's get into it!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Who's That Girl?: Q & A with Aneesha DuBois

"The mind is so powerful that the Universe has no choice but to give you what you think about."
- Aneesha DuBois

I am always seeking new inspiration and new stylish ladies to follow on Instagram. No I'm not a creep, I just love having a TL full of fashion, positivity, and boss a** women. It was "love at first like" when I came across the Instagram account of Aneesha DuBois. One look at her bio, and I was like, "Yassss!" She's a fashion publicist, shoe connoisseur, and one of the flyest individuals I follow. Nothing but black girl magic from Ms. DuBois! I've been following her for over a year now, and finally mustered up the courage to ask for an interview for my blog. I was elated when she agreed! Check out this super cute, super quick interview with fly girl, Aneesha DuBois.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

JB x Tobi Collaboration: Olive Jumpsuit

I present to you the final and third look from my collaboration with Tobi: The Anisha Olive Crepe Jumpsuit.

I have a very deep love for jumpsuits. Putting on one piece of clothing is sooooo convenient, let me tell you! Whenever I'm shopping for an event, I always look for a stylish jumpsuit to wear first. This one from Tobi is so freaking cute, I just had to have it. And it's olive, which is one of my favorite colors to wear all year 'round. You guys know how much I adore taking pieces throughout different seasons. I love the cut and detail on this jumpsuit. Keep on reading to see how I styled it. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

JB x Tobi Collaboration: Pretty Lil' Romper

Hey guys! Here's the second look from my collaboration with Tobi: The Tainted Love Wine Multi Print Romper.

Rompers are one of my favorite pieces to wear in the summer! They're just so easy to pull-off, except when you've gotta go to the bathroom. We all know how weird and challenging that can be. This one from Tobi is EVERYTHING! The cut is fabulous, I mean look at the sleeves! The lace up detail makes it super trendy and the colors are to die for! I love wine, and because I live in Florida where it barely gets cold during fall, I can easily take this romper over into the new season. Keep on reading to see how I styled it.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

JB x Tobi Collaboration: Little Black Dress

Remember when I announced that I'd be doing a collaboration with Tobi last week? Well, here's the first look: The Midnight Off Shoulder Shift Dress!

Every gal needs a little black dress in her wardrobe. I promise you it's a staple. Easy to dress up, even easier to dress down. This one from Tobi is amazing!!! Its length and breezy material makes it perfect for summer. Off the shoulder detail and super cute ruffle gives this dress a flirty little edge that's sure to turn heads. Keep on reading to see how I styled it. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Pretty Stuff: Tallia's Back!

You guys remember Tallia? She's the fabulous MUA who gave us a list of tips for taking great selfies! Well she also has a YouTube channel, and you should totally check it out. Her latest video is posted on the home page of JB. View the video below!

Check out "Selfie Slayin' 101 With Tallia Lee," here.

Search "Tallia Lee" on YouTube to access her channel.
Follow Tallia's personal Instagram account here.
Grab some inspiration and book her services by following her makeup account here.



Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Met Gala 2017 Recap: Fave Looks, Designer Props, and Side-Eyes

Oh the Met Gala. One of the many events I rely on Instagram and Twitter to keep me updated on. I absolutely adore staring and my iPhone screen all evening, only to see who's wearing what to the most fashionable party of the year. The Met Gala is an annual fundraising benefit for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Institute in New York City that brings all the shining stars out to play! Sounds lit, right? It celebrates the opening of the Institue's fashion exhibit, and each year there is a specific theme set in place. Guests are expected to match their looks with the theme, and then we, us regular folks, get to judge and throw shade. Okay, not really, but it's totally fun to witness the creativity on the red carpet. 

Photo Source: Instagram @commesdesgarcons

This year's Met Gala theme and featured designer was Rei Kawakubo x Comme des Garçons. Rei Kawakubo is a 74-year-old Japanese fashion designer. She founded her brand, Comme des Garçons, in 1969. She has spent nearly 50 years in the fashion industry and is only the second living designer to be honored with a solo show at the Met Gala! Can we say GOALS? The official exhibit opens up on May 4, pictured above is one of her designs.

The party of the year went down Monday night. Yes, the very first night in May has been marked the best night for fashion this year. The red carpet was graced by literally every relevant individual in current pop culture, from Sarah Paulson to Lil' Yachty. Everyone looked wonderful, but of course I have my own little list of those who served the best "lewks." Keep reading to see who made the cut! Man, I've always wanted to say that. Makes me feel so official!

Monday, May 1, 2017

JB x Tobi Collaborarion

You guys, I've landed my very first blog collaboration with a major brand! I'm thrilled, OMG! When I received an email from Tobi requesting that I pick and style a few pieces, I could have cried. I rejoiced because I love this boutique, and this is a very huge opportunity for me. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you know how excited I am! 

Do any of you shop on Tobi.com? If you don't you definitely should. I discovered this site a few years ago and instantly fell in love. Tobi is an online only women's fashion boutique based in Los Angeles. It releases 20-30 new items everyday, and offers new customers 50% off their first purchase. Incentives much? The trendy pieces, affordable prices and quick delivery are what keep me going back for more. I've even introduced Tobi to a few of my friends and they love it, too. I am so happy to be working with this awesome brand! I absolutely can't wait to share the looks with you all. Here is a super sneak peek at what's to come.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Style Crush: Kahlana Barfield Brown

I'm a total fan-girl for Kahlana Barfield Brown!!! But honestly who isn't? She's one of my biggest inspirations, mommy inspo, career goals, and lowkey bestie in my head. Well actually, our friendship was confirmed via twitter not long ago. Don't question me, I have receipts! Definitely someone you want to know, Barfield Brown is the super stylish fashion and beauty editor at InStyle. You see why she's my career goals? In addition to her fabulous role at one of the most fashionable publications, her personal style is to die for! It's chic, edgy and effortless. Kahlana SLAYS! I've dubbed her the "Queen of Jeans," because I don't think I've ever seen anyone rock a pair of denim as flawless as she does. I mean seriously! Below I've highlighted some of my favorite looks from this style star featuring fierce tops, eclectic heels, and jeans. Check 'em out!


Monday, April 24, 2017

Gimme Gucci: 10 Things I Need From Gucci Right Now

A classic black Chanel bag and a pair of nude "So Kate's" have been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember, but I've never been much of a label whore. I can probably attribute that to my simplistic lifestyle and "chic-on-a-budget" sense of style. You guys know I'm totally satisfied with the latest and greatest from Zara and H & M, but the older I get, the more my heart desires. I almost don't know who I am anymore! I'm starting to consider $900 blouses and $350 socks for crying out loud! The one brand that's totally captured my attention and has me wanting to break my entire bank account, is Gucci. From its super fashionable products to the brand's perfect advertising, I almost want to be an employee! I mean seriously... Gucci, are y'all hiring? I'm more than ready to clock-in for one of the most glamorous companies ever. *seeks application*

I browse the website weekly, drooling over everything and creating carts that I won't be checking out of anytime soon. I haven't exactly secured the bag the way I need to in order to purchase all the items I "need." But for now, let's window shop together and explore the desires of a broke college girl. Check out my Gimme Gucci Wish List below! 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Little Green Dress

I'm days late, but this is what I wore on Easter! I usually go for soft pastels for the holiday, but this year I felt like being bold and making somewhat of statement. You guys know how I feel about dramatic sleeves this season, so imagine the love I felt when I laid eyes on this dress. Honestly, I felt like an adult all day. This dress really makes me feel like I have my life together!! You too can feel that way. Keep on reading for the deets on this dress. Can you guess where it's from?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Product Junkie: Makeup Revolution

I'm slowly building my makeup collection, so I'm always on the hunt for good, affordable products. Ulta is my go to spot for literally everything, because they have great deals and promotions, plus the store is just super fun to shop in! One of my favorite makeup brands, Makeup Revolution, is sold exclusively at Ulta, so I always luck up on the good stuff. In a previous post, I did a little review on the Golden 2 Rose Gold Ultra Blush Palette and New-Trals vs. Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette, both by Makeup Revolution. You can check that out here. Recently I purchased three more products by the brand: a highlighter, blush and nude lipstick. Keep on reading to get the deets!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pretty Stuff: Selfie Slayin' 101 With Tallia Lee

Angles. Lighting. Filters. Each of these elements are what make the perfect selfie. I have struggled with taking selfies for way too long. I swear it took me a while to actually become comfortable with the filters on Snapchat, and yes "purple skinny face" is my favorite one, followed by the infamous flower crown. Pictured above is pro MUA of MUSE Beauty Agency Tallia Lee, serving FACE in one of the prettiest selfies I have ever seen. In addition to gracing us with her beauty, she composed a 3-tip list on selfie slayin'! 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Fresh: It's All About The Sleeves

Alrighty, so far we've discussed two spring trends, so let's jump into the third and final: spring knits with sassy sleeves. Sleeves are such a big statement and add great detail to any top or dress. This season, knits are definitely in, and most of them feature dramatic, flirty, sassy, and super cute sleeves!!! Zara and H & M are all about that right now. Keep on reading to see my take on this super cute trend. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Fresh: Pretty Pleats

It's time to talk about the second trend highlighted in Spring Fresh. Pleats! They are are so dainty and pretty. Whether it be a skirt, dress or blouse, they add the perfect texture and dose of "ladylike" to any outfit. Pleats are universal, and can totally be dressed up or down. Zara and Uniqlo have super cute pleated pieces, so don't miss out. Keep on reading to see my take on this super cute trend.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pretty Stuff: Goddess Culture

I was recently granted the opportunity to work with one of my favorite podcasts, Goddess Culture. This podcast is hosted by two beauties, Jordan and Shaniece. Goddess Culture features powerful messages and relatable content. Its manifesto is to empower, encourage and embrace their listeners' inner Goddess through dialogue that inspires self-love, self-care, and self-actualization. In addition to the podcast itself, Goddess Culture hosts bomb segments, a poppin' Instagram feed, cute merchandise and a blog! Yes, a blog, which I so happily got to be a part of, hence the opportunity I mentioned in the beginning. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Fresh: Girly Gingham and Bell Sleeves

 Let's get into the first trend highlighted in Spring Fresh, gingham print. It's so playful and chic, literally one of the most darling prints ever! Most people think of picnics when they think about this print, but it's one of the hottest trends for spring. Stores like Zara and H & M currently have full collections, featuring tops, skirts, dresses, pants, and more in this print. A gal sportin' gingham has good taste! Keep reading to see my take on this super cute trend.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Fresh Lookbook: 3 Trends to Try This Season

Yesterday marked the first official day of spring!!! *throws confetti* You guys, I absolutely love this season. It just feels like new beginnings. I usually celebrate spring by switching up my wardrobe entirely. I'm talking new clothes and accessories, hair products, makeup, new fragrance and everything. I like to prepare by sifting through magazines, especially StyleWatch and Essence, to track the latest and cutest trends, basically to see what's poppin'. I put together a Lookbook to showcase three of my favorite trends for this spring: girly gingham, pleated slip dresses, and spring knits with sassy sleeves.



Monday, March 20, 2017

Product Junkie: Onyx Box

I've always wanted to sign up for a monthly subscription box, but struggled forever to find the right one. Because I'm a natural, most people would always suggest a hair related box, but I wanted more than just hair products. Scrolling on Instagram one night, I happened to see the cutest picture on my explore page. It was a flatlay of a colorful and bright box, a picture of a brown beauty, a super cute hair comb, and what looked like a hair product. I clicked on it instantly and was led to @WeAreOnyx! I explored the page for a while in awe of all the colorful cuteness. I'd found the perfect subscription box! I signed up, and the rest is history.

Here's a quick review and look at what came in my very first Onyx Box!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Comfy, Chic Vibes: Overalls & Stans

Okay, so I have a funny story to tell about this little overall dress. I was shopping a few weeks ago in H & M, and came across this super cute overall dress, right? 'Twas love at first sight! I eagerly searched the rack for my size, and boom! I grab the size 2 (yes, I know I'm tiny) and head to the fitting room. I thought it looked adorable on, so I bought it. 

Days later, I went to H & M again, this time with my best friend, Whitney, who actually works there. Soooo we're circling the store, and she tells me "I have this cute dress on hold here, I have to show you!" Guess where she led me? Right over to the overall dress. I go, "Yesss, it's so cute! I bought it the other day." 

The look on her face was priceless. We buy the same stuff all the time, but we also wear the same size. Apparently there was only one size two ever available in-store. So yes, the very dress that Whit placed on hold was the same one I so proudly purchased. She was like, "Oh my goodness. I can't believe you bought my dress!" 

She seemed a little dispappointed, but got over it quick enough to laugh about. I was just as surprised! I felt so guilty, but also amused because it confirmed the validity of our friendship and our shared sense of style. Luckily for Whit, this dress is available online and will most likely be restocked soon in store. Keep on reading to see how I styled it below.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Curlfluence: #ClarifyMeCrazy featuring Shea Moisture

As you guys know, I'm a natural gal. I have curly hair, and I loveeee every bit of my 'fro. I'm forever searching for cool platforms that cater to the natural community, especially black owned! When I stumbled upon Curlfluence on Instagram, I was like BINGO! I immediately followed, and noticed that they were looking for influencers. Normally I shy away from certain opportunities, thinking I don't have a big enough following, but I was just like hey, what the heck? I filled out the application and decided that this was for me. A few weeks later, I received the most exciting email. It read: "You have been hand selected to become one of our very first Curlfluencers!" I was sooooo excited. I immediately took a screenshot and sent it to my mama! Yes, it was a huge deal for me.

For those of you who aren't familiar, Curlfluence is a platform that connects bomb influencers with companies that make products for people of color. As a Curlfuencer, I get the opportunity to test and review different products that are useful and made for our community. I am thrilled to be apart of this awesome company! Within days of accepting the offer, I got my first box of products for the #ClarifyMeCrazy campaign: Shea Moisture's African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Balancing Conditioner. I tried 'em out, so keep on reading for the review.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Lazy, Chic Vibes: Nike Cortez

While I am a stiletto girl most of the time, I loveeeeee cute, chic sneakers. When I laid my eyes on the new Nike Cortez with the snake print, I was like, "I NEED 'EM!" Vibrant colors, crazy texture, and a gum sole!! Can I get a YES?! I knew immediately that any look I decided to go for with this shoe would be super cute. How could it not be? These babies are life! I know I can dress them up or down, but I decided to be a bit lazy for this look. Keep on reading to see how I styled them!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Product Junkie: The Lip Bar

I finally got some goodies from The Lip Bar!! I've been wanting to for so long, but never got around to it for some reason. My homegirl and fellow blogger Brianna Arps, of The Mouthing Off Blog, is the lippie queen! She convinced me to give it a go, after posting selfies sporting these super bomb colors! I ordered Bawse Lady, Prima Donna and Savage, which are all liquid mattes. I am absolutely in love! Read about 'em below.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Glow Girl: Makeup Revolution

Makeup has always been a weird thing for me. I'm forever conflicted between "beating my face" and keeping it all the way natural. There is nothing wrong with either choice, but I really wanted to find a way to create some balance. I've devised the perfect "natural gal" makeup routine for me, which I plan on sharing with you guys later. For now let's get into these Makeup Revolution palettes that I absolutely adore. They're both easy to use, super pretty, and very affordable!! 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Stripes and Dreams

You ever just look up at the sky and wonder what life would be like if it were any color other than blue? Ever imagine yourself floating somewhere amongst the clouds or stars? Maybe filling yourself with an inner light by letting the sun shine through you, instead of on you? Or even allowing the glow from the moon to settle on your skin, creating a soft hue of something that shines? Well, that's what it's like to be a dreamer. Head in the clouds, friends with the sun. Wings spread wide to welcome the the possibility of a beautiful life. The sky seems so far away and hard to get to, but it's nearer than we think if we really want to. Anyone with confidence and a dream ought to know that. I find comfort in the sky, it is where my dreams reside. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pink Leather and Perspex

I love, love, love, love my pink leather moto jacket. It was to me, from me birthday gift back in October, and I have no regrets. I got this little lady from Zara, my favorite store. I swear y'all, I will find any excuse to put this thing on! I like to let it be the stand-out piece, since it's so bright and pink. Keep on reading to see how I created this super cute look. 


Neutral Transition

We are now experiencing that strange period between winter and spring. The weather is weird and inconsistent, you experience at least five different temperatures a day, and you don't know what to wear. I know how it is, but the best part about this awkward time of year, is playing with your wardrobe. This is the best time to mix and match seasons, create new looks, and get rid of some stuff if you have to. I personally love finding new ways to carry over my pieces from season to season. I took two items from my fall wardrobe, and one from my winter wardrobe to create this very simple look. I'm gonna break this outfit down for ya!
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