Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Style Inpso + Christmas Cheer All Year Long

I absolutely adore plaid button-ups and flannels. They're always in style, can be worn a million different ways, and are hella comfortable! I snagged this super cute one from Old Navy earlier this season, and I've worn it at least once a week ever since I purchased it. In fact, I wore it to a party the night I got it! It pairs well with any wash of denim and I got a size up, for length so I could wear it as a dress with a pair of thigh-high boots! Throw on a pair of booty shorts, and you've got yourself a LEWK!

These jeans are from Windsor. LADIES, DO NOT SLEEP ON WINDSOR! Especially if you're petite like me, little booties matter! The high-waist design is what attracted me to them because you guys know I am obsessed with high-waist anything, but the wash is what sold me. A good pair of medium to dark wash jeans are a definite wardrobe staple. Mainly because this wash is perfect for any color top. You can go as bright as white or as dark as black and still look like perfection. Just like any pair of jeans, you can dress them up or down. They go with any and everything!

My handy, dandy yellow bucket bag... this bag is my baby. I claimed it the moment I saw it on Zara's website. I even called the store to have it placed on hold and drove down to Orlando to snag it because I didn't feel like ordering it. Specially priced at $29.99, I didn't want to chance it and I simply could not wait. It was one of the many birthday gifts I treated myself to back in October. The straps are EVERYTHING! There's a little one that fits perfectly around my wrist for when I'm feeling bougie, *raises pinky*, and there's a detachable canvas strap for when I need to throw it on my shoulder and go. It's super spacious and durable. The perfect everyday bag for a stylish girl on the go. I know it's yellow, but it's close to mustard, which means it's neutral, which means it goes with everything. And guess what, it absolutely does! I always get compliments on this bag. It comes in black also. You guys know the link will be listed below, so if you like this bag I highly encourage you to get it.

My Holiday Wish

Christmas was yesteray and I loved every bit of it. Growing up the holiday season was always my favorite time of year. My family felt the warmest to me in the coldest months. I would always get this tingle in my heart right after Thanksgiving because I just knew the best was yet to come. My grandma would always spend the night at our house on Christmas Eve and we'd watch the animated version of A Christmas Carol, one of my favorite Christmas films. Then we'd open one special present each and anxiously wait for Christmas morning. My mama would make us eat breakfast first before the real fun, opening gifts, and it was always the same: pancakes and sausage. We'd spend the whole day with our loved ones and end the night at the movies. 

This year was no different, I'm just not a kid anymore. The older I get, the more it all makes sense and I realize how important it is to spread the same kind of love and cheer all year long as we do for Christmas. No matter how much my parents spoiled my sisters and me, we ALWAYS knew the real reason for the season. We knew the true meaning of Christmas. It's all about love. Love and joy. We should make every single day about love and joy. I truly believe that's what Jesus wants. He is the one who put the "Christ" in Christmas, ya know.

"Give love on Christmas Day. No greater gift is there than love. What the world needs is love. Yes, the world needs more love." - The Jackson 5


Outfit Deets Listed Below

Plaid Flannel: Old Navy
Jeans: Windsor
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Steve Madden (SOLD OUT)
Starbucks Tea: Jade Citrus Mint + 6 Squirts of Honey



  1. I'm sucker for plaid and flannels myself. I keep hearing about Windsor. I think it's time i give it a go. Wish my wallet luck lol!

    1. Flannels are so classic! OMG! Yes, definitely take a look around Windsor. Let me know if you end up getting anything. :))

  2. I'm sucker for plaid and flannels myself. I keep hearing about Windsor. I think it's time i give it a go. Wish my wallet luck lol!

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