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Who's That Girl?: Q & A With Chelsie Jones

"If I could make a career out of doing makeup that would definitely mean the world to me."
- Chelsie Jones

22-year-old Beauty Enthusiast Chelsie Jones caught my eye on Instagram with her flawless makeup and perfect selfies a while ago. I was more than happy to add another gorgeous face to my 
TL from the moment we followed each other. She seems to have mastered the GLOW we all long for when dusting highlighter on our cheeks and I am so here for the shine of it all. Chelsie recently launched her own YouTube channel *cheers* so I figured this was the perfect time to feature her here on the blog. When she's not doing school work or hanging with friends, she spends her free time doing makeup. She says her obsession with makeup started as a little girl and she enjoys seeing how makeup can enhance your look. It amazes her! She is originally from Ridgeland, Mississippi, but currently resides in Oxford, Mississippi. Check out this super bomb interview with glow girl, Chelsie Jones.

*watch the tutorial for this "grunge purple glam" look here*

Janée Barbre What made you fall in love with makeup?

Chelsie Jones My love for makeup began when I was younger. When I was around 15-years-old I would watch tons of makeup videos and that really inspired me to start trying new products as well as gaining more practice on my own face. I loved the way makeup made me feel beautiful.

JB What are your favorite beauty must-haves?

CJ Anastasia Beverly Hills "Brow Wiz" or Benefit's "Precisely My Brow." These two are my favorite, I can't live without brow products. Mascara and lashes are a must-have as well. I feel as if lashes complete your look, it doesn't matter if you do not have any foundation on. If you have your brows and lashes together your look will be complete. Lastly, it is important to have some type of lip product on. It doesn't matter if you're not into lipstick, a great lip gloss or moisturizer will do just fine. These are all products I can never live without. 

JB How do you make your everyday look stand out?

CJ To make my everyday look stand out, I typically make sure my brows are super fleeky and on point. I think great brows always make a great makeup look. I also apply a white liner to my lash line. This works for me because it makes my eyes appear to be brighter and larger than they are. Lastly, I apply lashes. This always completes my everyday look.

JB From juggling school and work to balancing our personal lives, we've all got a million things to do. How do you keep your makeup fresh during a busy schedule?

CJ When I have a busy day planned I typically apply more setting powder to my makeup routine as well as more setting spray. This helps me maintain a fresh face throughout the day. 

JB Summer is out, Fall is here and Winter is on its way. How do you switch up your beauty routine in between seasons?

CJ During the summer, I try to go for looks that can withstand the heat, being that I do live in the south and I do have oily skin. During the summer I switch up my routine with my foundation and primer. I typically use oil-free products during the summer. During the winter, I stay away from matte foundations and primers because they make my face extremely dry. 

JB If you could only use three beauty products for the rest of your life, what would they be? Choose wisely!

CJ If I could use three beauty products for the rest of my life, I would use Benefit Cosmetics "Precisely My Brow." I  cannot live without a great brow product, that is a must. Next would be mascara. I am in love with the "Big Shot" mascara MakeupShayla created with Maybelline. That is one of the best lash products I have used and it's drug store, so that means that it is AFFORDABLE. The last product I could not live without is lashes. Ardell Wispies are so bomb and they are affordable, which is important for a college student as well. 

JB Let's talk about lips! Do you prefer soft and natural or sassy and bold?

CJ I prefer a neutral lip because it can be very versatile and fit almost any look.

JB Beauty and fashion go hand-in-hand. how does your makeup style correlate with your personal style?

CJ My personal style is very sleek, sophisticated, fresh, and trendy. That is typically what I like makeup to look like as well. 

JB Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

CJ I started a YouTube channel because a lot of people would ask me how I did my makeup. Last year I began hosting classes for people that were in my local area, but sometimes after the classes they still had questions. So, I figured that YouTube would be the best way to show them step-by-step how to do their makeup. 

JB What tips can you give to girls who want to start their own beauty blog or YouTube channel?

CJ The most important tip I have for girls that are thinking about starting their own beauty blog or YouTube channel would be to JUST DO IT. Starting your own channel can be very overwhelming and scary, but I had to realize that my channel will never be perfect. I will never be perfect. As you develop your blog or channel it is only going to get better, not worst. I would suggest just focusing on your craft and turn it into your passion and everything will grow and flourish the way it is meant to be.


JB Ulta or Sephora, and why?

CJ I prefer Sephora. This is because my love for high-end makeup products is a little bit stronger than my love for drug store. 

I've added links to the products Chelsie talked about below. Check 'em out! Just click the names. <3

Keep up with Chelsie via...
YouTube: ChelsieJayy
Instagram: @chelsiejayy
Snapchat: @chelsierenay

Thank you so much, Chelsie, for sharing your magic here on JB. It was truly a pleasure! All photos were taken and sent by Chelsie herself. 

Questions co-wrote by fellow blogger boo Chelsie Boyd. Check out her site here



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  1. Wow she's so pretty and her makeup is awesome. Always looking for more people to follow so I can pick up new tricks about makeup!


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