Monday, April 24, 2017

Gimme Gucci: 10 Things I Need From Gucci Right Now

A classic black Chanel bag and a pair of nude "So Kate's" have been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember, but I've never been much of a label whore. I can probably attribute that to my simplistic lifestyle and "chic-on-a-budget" sense of style. You guys know I'm totally satisfied with the latest and greatest from Zara and H & M, but the older I get, the more my heart desires. I almost don't know who I am anymore! I'm starting to consider $900 blouses and $350 socks for crying out loud! The one brand that's totally captured my attention and has me wanting to break my entire bank account, is Gucci. From its super fashionable products to the brand's perfect advertising, I almost want to be an employee! I mean seriously... Gucci, are y'all hiring? I'm more than ready to clock-in for one of the most glamorous companies ever. *seeks application*

I browse the website weekly, drooling over everything and creating carts that I won't be checking out of anytime soon. I haven't exactly secured the bag the way I need to in order to purchase all the items I "need." But for now, let's window shop together and explore the desires of a broke college girl. Check out my Gimme Gucci Wish List below! 
*click the image to view the item on website*

1. The Princeton Embroidered Slipper: $840

2. Fuchsia Embroidered Lurex Knit Top: $1,800

3. Bronze Silk, Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer: $32

4. Black Padlock Studded Leather Shoulder Bag: $2,350

5. "Look 63"

Embroidered Duchesse Shirt: $2,490

Duchesse Ankle Pant with Web: $1,100

6. Black Leather Crisscross Sandal: $950

7. Rose Silk Wool Headband: $900

8. Cat-Eye Glitter Sunglasses: $405

9. Green Technical Embroidered Jersey Stirrup Legging: $1,800

10. Black Leather Belt with Metal Flower: $420

Honorable Mentions

Guys, I tried really hard to keep my list at 10, but let's be real here. I honestly want everything on the site!!! Here are three additional items that I absolutely adore.

Spicy Petal, Sheer Blushing Powder: $49

Floral Jacquard Headband: $845

Light Yellow Gold G-Timeless, 27 mm: $980

I can probably afford to buy the lip gloss, and maybe the blush if I prioritize accordingly. I decided not to play myself by adding up the total, because clearly I'm a million dollars short! I had a lot of fun putting this together, but it was really tough because every single item is soooooooo cute!!! Do you also have dreams of Gucci? If so, let me know!! Comment below. Let's talk about it, girl. Maybe I'll start some sort of retail obsessed support group soon.

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Items Pictured In Four Square
(from left to right, clockwise)



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