Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Fresh: Pretty Pleats

It's time to talk about the second trend highlighted in Spring Fresh. Pleats! They are are so dainty and pretty. Whether it be a skirt, dress or blouse, they add the perfect texture and dose of "ladylike" to any outfit. Pleats are universal, and can totally be dressed up or down. Zara and Uniqlo have super cute pleated pieces, so don't miss out. Keep on reading to see my take on this super cute trend.

I found this super cute slip dress from the Topshop in Nordstrom. I noticed the pleats and fell in love with its color. The shade of blue is super pretty and feminine, and also works perfectly for spring. The length is just everything, its honestly what gives the dress its sass. The long length allows for the pleats to really stand out! The contrasting black straps are to die for!

Two-strap nude sandals are a shoe essential for every stylish gal. I paired them with the dress for this look in order to keep it "springy." Quick tip, your chose of shoe will always allow you to carry different items over into other seasons. When fall comes around, I can throw this dress on with a leather moto jacket and black heels or booties! 

I love accenting with soft metallics when choosing accessories! It adds a touch of glam while staying chic. That's why I chose to pull out one of my favorite gold clutches for this look. It's a very soft gold, and a little reflective. It paired well with this dress because I wanted to keep this look very soft and feminine. 

This clutch was a Christmas gift from a very special friend of mine, Jessica Florence. She's probably the strongest and bravest young woman I know. Jessica is a breast cancer survivor, and at age 23, she is the definition of optimism and a true FIGHTER! Everyone should get familiar with her story, especially young women. It will truly inspire and motivate you. 

Jessica and I have been friends for a ton of years now, I don't even know how many to be exact, but we've watched each other grow and glow, and it has been truly amazing. She is building a brand all about her journey and battle with breast cancer, Fight With Jess. Its mission is to help raise awareness and encourage young women to get checked and stay on top of their health. Jessica has also curated a super cute T-Shirt line, and when you shop all proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness and Patient Advocacy.

For more information, visit the site here, and follow Jessica on Instagram here. (@geneva_la_jade)

It's SPRING, so I can't go without fresh flowers! These were so pretty that I just had to take some pictures with them. I'm kind of new to the whole prop thing, so bare with me. (lol) But again, I've already admitted to being extra. Minimally extra. 

To see this look in motion, check out Spring Fresh here.

Slip Dress: Topshop
Heels: Steve Madden
Clutch: Forever 21
Photos by Camille Shaw


Happy April!



  1. I absolutely love this dress! The. Olof is perfect and looks great on your skin tone. Thanks for the inspo ��

    1. Thank you so much!! And you're welcome, I'm so happy you grabbed some inspiration. ☺️

  2. So cute!!! Lol @minimally extra. I'm just extra extra ��

    1. Yes! I haven't reached extra extra yet lol thank you!!

  3. Thank you so much!! And you're welcome, I'm so happy you grabbed some inspiration. ☺️

  4. LOVE the dress. Hope this is in my TopShop in the U.K. I'm going to look into these heels as well. Most of the cheaper two strapped heels are SO uncomfortable.

    1. Thank you!! If not, you can always order online. I included the link in the post for both items. So glad you liked the post!!!


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