Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Fresh: It's All About The Sleeves

Alrighty, so far we've discussed two spring trends, so let's jump into the third and final: spring knits with sassy sleeves. Sleeves are such a big statement and add great detail to any top or dress. This season, knits are definitely in, and most of them feature dramatic, flirty, sassy, and super cute sleeves!!! Zara and H & M are all about that right now. Keep on reading to see my take on this super cute trend. 

Super simple, super clean. This ribbed knit from H & M caught my eye immediately! The sleeves are wonderful. They fit tight around the shoulder and arm, begin to flare out a little at the elbow, then all the sass and drama falls over the wrist. I paired this top with my denim overall dress in a previous post. Check it out here.

Let's talk pants. I'm a sucker for black skinny jeans. They're a definite wardrobe staple for me, especially if they're high-waist! I grabbed the ones I'm sporting here for only $9.99 from H & M. What's so good about these, is that they can be dressed up, worn in the work place, or dressed down. They're a great alternative for black leggings, adding a bit more "chicness" to a lazy-day look. I put a little cuff in mine because I'm a little vertically challenged, but you get the picture. They are so cheap and come in a variety of colors. I highly recommend these pants, so you better get you some!

I told you guys that I love accenting my outfits with gold accessories. These gold two-strap sandals are my go to heels! Sometimes, I wear them as an alternative for nude heels. They add the right amount of glam to any look.

Originally, I bought this bag for fall, but the flowers and insects made it so easy to carry it over into spring. I loveeeee the jewels and embroidery, too. What a delicate touch to add! It gave this look a little boost, because let's face it ... this is nothing but a white shirt and black jeans. Details make such a big difference! 

Pay attention to fabrics, textures, colors, and even the fit of items when shopping. All these things will help you maximize your wardrobe and create super cute looks. This bag was also featured in a previous post. Check out here.

This wraps up Spring Fresh, and here's another photo of me fake reading the March 2017 issue of Elle.  I hope my lookbook was extremely helpful and inspiring. There are so many trends to choose from this season. My advice is to try 'em all!

To see this look in motion, check out Spring Fresh here.

Top: H & M
Pants: H & M 
Heels: Aldo
Bag: Zara
Photos by Camille Shaw



  1. This is an adorable look, and I agree about the sleeves trend. I can't get enough! lol

    1. Thank you so much, girl!! I absolutely adore the sleeves trend!!!


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