Thursday, April 27, 2017

Style Crush: Kahlana Barfield Brown

I'm a total fan-girl for Kahlana Barfield Brown!!! But honestly who isn't? She's one of my biggest inspirations, mommy inspo, career goals, and lowkey bestie in my head. Well actually, our friendship was confirmed via twitter not long ago. Don't question me, I have receipts! Definitely someone you want to know, Barfield Brown is the super stylish fashion and beauty editor at InStyle. You see why she's my career goals? In addition to her fabulous role at one of the most fashionable publications, her personal style is to die for! It's chic, edgy and effortless. Kahlana SLAYS! I've dubbed her the "Queen of Jeans," because I don't think I've ever seen anyone rock a pair of denim as flawless as she does. I mean seriously! Below I've highlighted some of my favorite looks from this style star featuring fierce tops, eclectic heels, and jeans. Check 'em out!

Photos source Instagram @kahlanabarfield
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Now isn't Kahlana Barfield Brown total style inspiration, or what?! Even when she was pregnant she served us "lewks." Let's not even discuss her shoe collection, because that would clearly be a separate post on its own.  I really do appreciate having such fashionable women of color to look up to, and she's definitely one of them! 

For anyone out there dreaming of a career in communication within the fashion and beauty industry, I strongly encourage you to do some research on Kahlana. Her story and background will do nothing short of motivate and inspire you.




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