Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pretty Stuff: Selfie Slayin' 101 With Tallia Lee

Angles. Lighting. Filters. Each of these elements are what make the perfect selfie. I have struggled with taking selfies for way too long. I swear it took me a while to actually become comfortable with the filters on Snapchat, and yes "purple skinny face" is my favorite one, followed by the infamous flower crown. Pictured above is pro MUA of MUSE Beauty Agency Tallia Lee, serving FACE in one of the prettiest selfies I have ever seen. In addition to gracing us with her beauty, she composed a 3-tip list on selfie slayin'! 

Let's take a moment away from admiring this golden glow and appreciate these bomb a** selfies. Tallia takes the best selfies, trust me I know! I'm always one of the first people to like her pics on IG, listing heart-eyed emojis and "YASSSSSS" in the comments below. Take notes, ladies!

Tallia's Tips

1. Soft, natural sunlight is always best, but stay away from direct sunlight. You will literally see every pore on your face.

2. Figure out your angles! Usually, angling the camera below your chin line never turns out well. 

3. It's okay to edit. FaceTune is great for smoothing out different parts of your face.

Simple enough, right? Now we can all SLAY!

Photo Source: Tallia Lee

For more flawless selfies, follow Tallia's personal Instagram account here.
Grab some inspiration and book her services by following her makeup account here.

Tallia is also the owner of The French Quarter, which is a boutique specializing in luxurious clothing and accessories. Talk about the queen of everything! You can shop her luxurious pieces and  accessories here, and follow TFQ on IG @shopthefrenchquarter.




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