Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Who's That Girl?: Q & A with Aneesha DuBois

"The mind is so powerful that the Universe has no choice but to give you what you think about."
- Aneesha DuBois

I am always seeking new inspiration and new stylish ladies to follow on Instagram. No I'm not a creep, I just love having a TL full of fashion, positivity, and boss a** women. It was "love at first like" when I came across the Instagram account of Aneesha DuBois. One look at her bio, and I was like, "Yassss!" She's a fashion publicist, shoe connoisseur, and one of the flyest individuals I follow. Nothing but black girl magic from Ms. DuBois! I've been following her for over a year now, and finally mustered up the courage to ask for an interview for my blog. I was elated when she agreed! Check out this super cute, super quick interview with fly girl, Aneesha DuBois.

Janée Barbre What’s it like to work in the fashion industry? Is it as fun and fabulous as you guys make it look in photos? 
Aneesha DuBois HAHA! It’s equal fun and fabulous, equal stress and exhaustion. It’s one of the most competitive industries. A lot of risk with unsure reward. But there are so many great perks to working in this business. It balances itself out.

JB Why did you decide to pursue a degree and career in communication?
AD I was always interested in Radio, Television and Film. In college and right after graduation, I was pursuing a career as an On-Air Talent and accomplished that goal at Music Choice and for Comcast SportsNet in DC. I then wanted to get into Entertainment TV and was hired by E! News as an Associate Producer. And two years later, I set a goal to get into Fashion PR and that’s where I’m at today. Manifestation is real ;)

JB Your personal style is absolutely amazing! It really seems to be a direct reflection of who you are. Is that true?
AD THANK YOU! My Mom and Dad were the most fashionable couple ever. At three years old they had me in red leather mini skirts, and cashmere sweaters with snakeskin patches. 
Such a good question! I’d say it’s definitely a reflection of who I am. Behind the scenes, I decide my outfits out for the week because I like to have a plan. When I post pictures to Social Media sans my face it’s because I’m actually a bit shy. And I haven’t repeated an outfit since 2003 because I don’t like to live in the past or do the same thing over and over. I love newness.

JB What are your wardrobe staples?
AD Accessories aren’t my favorite thing so I need an everyday bag that goes with everything and a pair of earrings that I never have to take out.
A hat is necessary too because bad hair days happen even on your best day LOL
A sneaker (my go-tos are Adidas Boosts, Converses or Vans).
A pair of distressed boyfriend jeans 
A hoodie (Champion or Adidas)

JB What inspires you, and how do you look to inspire others?
AD In regards to fashion, I’m 100% inspired by Paris street style. Every fashion week, I search street style pics, print and plaster them above my vanity. And I use that as inspiration until the next fashion week roles around. 
In life, self-help books keep me inspired. Energy, the Universe, the Law of Attraction and manifestation are SO real. And I know this to be true because I’ve manifested every single thing in my life… from a specific t-shirt to opportunities to my current career. I’ve probably read "The Four Agreements" and "The Secret" 10 times… not even kidding LOL

JB What pieces of advice can you give to someone looking forward to a successful communication career in the fashion or beauty world?
AD Ask, believe, receive and work hard. Always go the extra step. Think outside the box. With every single career I’ve had post-graduation, I was never the most qualified candidate but I was the most excited and the most prepared… and that won/wins every time. Believe it’s yours as soon as you apply. The mind is so powerful that the Universe has no choice but to give you what you think about.

JB Sorry, but I've gotta ask. (LOL) Are you related to W.E.B. DuBois?

AD HAHA! To be honest, I'm not sure... it's possible.

To all my comm gals out there, here's someone else you should definitely know! Follow her on IG (@aneeshadubois) here for all types of inspiration. Thank you so much, Aneesha DuBois, for sharing some of your magic with me. It has truly been a pleasure!

*All photos were extracted from Aneesha DuBois' Instagram account.*
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  1. Awesome interview and her style is definitely impeccable!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed it. 😄

  2. Sis!! I'm so proud of you :) great interview !

    1. Thanks so much Crystal! Love ya. <3


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