Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Silk Pillowcase Me, Please!

my bedside essentials: something good to read, rose quartz, my everyday gold hoops, pillow mist, and MYK

One of my greatest tips for healthy hair and skin, other than drinking water and minding your own business, is using a silk pillowcase! I've always used a silk pillowcase or bonnet to protect my hair, and end up getting the pillowcases from either Wal-Mart or Target. Recently I switched over to MYK Silk brand, and let me tell you... the difference is significant! My sleep has improved, my hair has improved, and so has my skin! I added to it to my list bedside essentials a few weeks ago and I've been loving it! I like to test things out for at least two weeks or so before presenting you guys with a review.

Here's some facts and pics of my new found glory below. 

MYK Silk has a range of pure, natural, Mulberry silk products, from scrunchies to sleepwear. All are very affordable and built to last! We've all heard that sleeping on silk is highly beneficial for your overall health and beauty, but I'm hear to tell you that it is a fact! Silk isn't as absorbent as other materials, so your hair and skin retains its moisture. This is especially helpful after so many of us put in work during our nightly self-care regimen. I KNOW I DO!

A Silk pillowcase provides a smooth surface for your hair to glide while you sleep, which ultimately reduces split ends, breakage and other damaging hair factors. This is where I experienced the most change. You guys know I don't play about my hair and I do all I can to take care of it and protect it, especially because I have color on my curls now. Before using MYK, I would use my old silk pillowcase AND a bonnet. Now I've ditched the bonnet and use the pillowcase only. My hair retains so much more moisture and my curls stay a bit more defined. I've also noticed less tangles on wash day.

Silk is also a temperature regulating fabric and hypoallergenic. All of this adds for BETTER sleep. I'd highly recommend MYK Silk for all your beauty rest needs. I'm thinking about grabbing an eye mask and a few scrunchies next, to be honest. Use my code JANEE15 to save 15% off your purchase. I know a lot of curly-headed cuties and skin enthusiasts who could definitely benefit from this! 

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Visit the MYK Silk website here.



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  4. Ah its so beautiful I love silk dresses, and yeah its good for health too.

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