Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Met Gala 2017 Recap: Fave Looks, Designer Props, and Side-Eyes

Oh the Met Gala. One of the many events I rely on Instagram and Twitter to keep me updated on. I absolutely adore staring and my iPhone screen all evening, only to see who's wearing what to the most fashionable party of the year. The Met Gala is an annual fundraising benefit for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Institute in New York City that brings all the shining stars out to play! Sounds lit, right? It celebrates the opening of the Institue's fashion exhibit, and each year there is a specific theme set in place. Guests are expected to match their looks with the theme, and then we, us regular folks, get to judge and throw shade. Okay, not really, but it's totally fun to witness the creativity on the red carpet. 

Photo Source: Instagram @commesdesgarcons

This year's Met Gala theme and featured designer was Rei Kawakubo x Comme des Garçons. Rei Kawakubo is a 74-year-old Japanese fashion designer. She founded her brand, Comme des Garçons, in 1969. She has spent nearly 50 years in the fashion industry and is only the second living designer to be honored with a solo show at the Met Gala! Can we say GOALS? The official exhibit opens up on May 4, pictured above is one of her designs.

The party of the year went down Monday night. Yes, the very first night in May has been marked the best night for fashion this year. The red carpet was graced by literally every relevant individual in current pop culture, from Sarah Paulson to Lil' Yachty. Everyone looked wonderful, but of course I have my own little list of those who served the best "lewks." Keep reading to see who made the cut! Man, I've always wanted to say that. Makes me feel so official!

The Gals

Dolce & Gabbana
(ig: @people)

Zoe Kravitz
Oscar de la Renta
(ig: @nytimesfashion)

Rita Ora
(ig: @people)

Tracee Ellis Ross
Comme des Garçons
(ig: @nytimesfashion)

Thai Nguyen Atelier
(ig: @popsugarcelebrity)

Priyanka Chopra
Ralph Lauren
(ig: @popsugarcelebrity)

Janelle Monae
Ralph & Russo
(ig: @popsugarcelebrity)

Comme des Garçons
(ig: @todaysoutlook)

Blake Lively
(ig: @popsugarcelebrity)

The Guys

Michael B.(ae) Jordan
Ralph Lauren
(ig: @ebonymagazine)

(ig: @nytimesfashion)

Donald Glover | Childish Gambino
(ig: @ebonymagazine)


Cassie and Diddy
Aura Tout Vu + Rick Owens
(ig: @popsugarcelebrity)

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd
Valentino + Coach
(ig: @popsugarcelebrity)

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
Marchesa + Burberry
(ig: @people)

Jordan Dunn and Future
Custom H & M 
(ig: @ebonymagazine)

Okay, so I know that was kind of a lot, but thousands of people attended the Met Gala. Let's not forget that it's the biggest party of the year! Definitely something I'd love to attend one day. What were some of your favorite looks? 

All images were extracted from Instagram. Accounts are listed below each photo.




  1. I look forward to this Gala every year. Gawking at all the looks lol. My favs were Traci Ellis Ross and Zendaya! But have to give it up for Lala Anthony. I'm sure Carmelo is ready to risk it all lol

    1. Yes! Me too. Zendaya and Tracee really captured theme. LaLa looks amazing, and has since forever! Carmelo is insane lol. Thanks so much for the comment xo


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