Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pretty Stuff: Halloween Glam by Tallia Lee

We've finally reached the spookiest day of the year, Halloween! Mean Girls taught us that in "Girl World," dressing up in slutty lingerie and animal ears is the way to go, but Tallia Lee x Muse Beauty Agency says slay! Halloween doesn't have to be so gruesome, ya know. It's really the perfect time to be as extra and glamorous as you want. Tallia is one of my favorite MUA's, and yours too, as she's been featured here on JB a couple of times before. When I caught her on Snapchat preparing for Halloween this year, I got excited and immediately asked if I could feature her on my blog. Get into this "Mermaid-Skeleton-Turned Zombie" Halloween beat, because it is definitely a work of art!

Tallia is known for her creativity and makeup skills, but this look honestly blew me away! It's the bedazzled mouth and ombre, gill-like texture on her muse's forehead and chin/jawline. This is really really pretty. Just look at it!

Tallia plans to slay her own face for Halloween, so tune in to her social media platforms to catch what she has up her sleeve on this good Tuesday. I'll list the ways below!

Personal Instagram: @curvegawdess
Makeup Instagram: @musemakeupbytallia
Twitter: @curvegawdess
Snapchat: "MacV"
Photos Source: Tallia Lee

Thanks again, Tallia, for spreading some magic and glam on JB today. Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy and be safe. Gain a cavity or two.



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