Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Something to Brunch About

"My bank account has 1 brunch and 1/2 an uber in it."
- A meme I found on Instagram.

Hey gals, summer is in full effect and there's a ton of stuff going on. Events, festivals, concerts, parties, and my favorite of all, BRUNCH! Spring and summer are like the perfect seasons for brunch, because mimosas, DUH! But even better, you get to eat outside, enjoy the beautiful weather (most days), and be kind of lazy afterwards. If you're like me, you do brunch quite often! And when I say "do brunch," that means you dress up for it, too. I mean, what's brunch without style? *waits for a real answer* Here's some style inpso for all the summer brunches you'll be attending this season.

First of all, this outfit is FUN! Look at the way it flows, yassss. Whenever I wear a short bottom, I like to be a little more covered up top. That's why this blouse and skort from Zara work so well together. Plus all the ruffles and layers are just so precious. I thought it'd be "too much" initially, but I enjoy being extra at times... minimally! This look has a ton of character. Press play on the video to see it in motion! 

Soft colors are so pretty during the day, another reason this is a defintie brunch look. The color palette screams french toast with syrup, whipped cream and a pretty little strawberry on top! Just be careful when wearing a white top, if you're a messy eater. 

Walk up to your favorite brunch spot like... No really, let's talk shoes! I truly believe that shoes can either make or break an outifit. As a shoe obsessed individual, I try to make sure I keep a wide variety of options on my shelf. It took me a little while to get into the perspex trend, but I'm totally here for it. I just couldn't afford the Yeezy version, ya know. I'm blogging on a budget. I like these shoes because they're a funky alternative for nude. Nude heels are a definite neccessity, but sometimes you've got to be a bit more fashionable. The nude thong and ankle strap paired well with the skort, giving my outfit a boost of chic! Plus the heel is chunky, and you guys know I adore chunky heels because they feel so good. Comfort is a must!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I've posted about this look a few times referring to the bell sleeves on this blosue as my new set of wings. It's because I'm gracing a new space in my life. I've recently closed a few chapters and made a decision to live life more joyfully. I have a lot of stuff going on, but I have a lot of positive things happening for me, too! This journey as a blogger is very rewarding and pretty cool, but I've had days where giving up seemed to be the best option. I feel insecure about stuff and get discouraged just like anyone else, but I always revisit the reason I started to keep me going. The day we shot this look, the weather sucked, it wouldn't stop raining, I hated my hair and makeup, and I was "this close" to cancellng. In fact, I did cancel! I sent a text to Camille letting her know that I didn't think we could get any work done due to the rain and gloomy skies. A few minutes later, I text her back saying I wanted to to go for it anyway! As soon as I met up with her, the rain stopped and the sun began to shine. It was a definite sign from God. I am extremely blessed and will never forget the day I received a fresh set of wings.

Top: Zara
Skort: Zara
Shoes: Aldo
Photos by Camille Shaw




  1. ommmggg these are outrageously cute. Do they still have those shoes on Aldo. I am pretty sure that I actually need them.

    1. Thank you! I got them way earlier this year, but there's a very similar shoe on the site/in the store now! Look up "Seanna." ☺️


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