Monday, July 31, 2017

Wash Day With Janée

Yesterday I tried to film my wash day routine, but it was an EPIC FAIL. I literally sat in front of the camera doing my hair, only to discover that only a minute and thirty-five seconds of my footage was actually captured. *face palms* I mean I did a lil' something something with the footage I got, but I decided to just do a simple blog post for now. So here it is!

Wash + Condition

I perform a wash n' go on my hair about at least twice a week. I don't use a shampoo to cleanse my hair with every wash, but I always co-wash or condition. Details for the products are listed below with links. They're easy to use, extremely affordable and they smell heavenly! Each item can be picked up at Walmart for less than $5.

Detangling Tool: Regular Ol' Wide-Toothed Comb or my fingers when I have the patience

Styling Products + Tools

I am a huge fan of the L(iquid) O(il) C(ream) Method, and I swear by it for each and every wash n' go. I begin by detangling and parting my hair into four sections with clips, then I apply the products in the order listed below. And yes, I included links for them, too!

That cute little brush up there is one my favorite things ever! It's a Denman Brush and a total life savior. I always heard about it, but never really invested in one until my friend Sasha convinced to! (Shout out to you, girl!) This thing is perfect for detangling while styling and evenly distributing products. I got mine from Sally Beauty. The link is listed below.

Detangling & Distributing ToolDenman Brush

I keep my spray bottle on hand just because my hair sometimes dries quick and needs an extra boost of H2O when I'm doing it. It's literally just filled with water and residual oil from whatever else I've ever put into it. Just shake & spray! 

The clips and spray bottle are items I've pretty much had forever, but can easily be scooped up from your local beauty supply store, any drug store, or a dollar store! 


This part is something I've recently added to my routine...  LAYING MY EDGES! I usually do it when I have a bun or whenever I wear the front of my hair up, but now I actually like to slap my baby hairs down with my curly 'fro, too. 

Toothbrush: Colgate :) 


This last part is free of charge. I just sit around and wait for my hair to dry... with air! I do my very best not to touch it to avoid disturbing my curls. As I stated earlier, my hair dries kind of fast, but sometimes it likes to take its precious time and I end up waiting all day. But anyway, this is how my hair looks while it's drying.


So guys I promise to have a video very soon! Please accept this for now, k? Love ya!




  1. Love Aussie! Never tried the coconut gel. Where did you get that one?

  2. Aussie is awesome! lol my grandma picked it up for me from Dollar General actually, but there's a link for it in my post. :)


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