Monday, March 6, 2017

Lazy, Chic Vibes: Nike Cortez

While I am a stiletto girl most of the time, I loveeeeee cute, chic sneakers. When I laid my eyes on the new Nike Cortez with the snake print, I was like, "I NEED 'EM!" Vibrant colors, crazy texture, and a gum sole!! Can I get a YES?! I knew immediately that any look I decided to go for with this shoe would be super cute. How could it not be? These babies are life! I know I can dress them up or down, but I decided to be a bit lazy for this look. Keep on reading to see how I styled them!

Threw on a hoodie and jeans to serve up some lazy girl looks. Hoodies are always popular, but they seem to be trending heavily right now. There seems to be fine line between athletic wear and street wear these days. Why not just combine 'em? These jeans started out with the tiniest holes and rips, now they're just super distressed. My grandma says they're "raggedy," but am I going to give them up? NOPE! I want to see how RAGGEDY they can get. 

One of the best things about simple looks, is being able to accessorize! Here I'm taking the color red, and making it pop a little bit. My best friend, Whitney, has a super dope line, and made this pouch by hand. Yes, this cute little red pouch is handmade, and carries literally everything. As you can see, I had a whole book in it!! Also, this keychain serves no real purpose, it's super cute. But I am kind of a hot mess at times, so... yeah. #LittleBootiesMatter

Really quick, let's get into this lip. "Bawse Lady," by The Lip Bar is the perfect shade of red. I loveeee it. Since I wanted to accessorize with color and make red pop, it went really well with this outfit. I'm rocking a #FabFace by the one and only LaTavia Dawson, of Fabulous Faces. Y'all know I love to GLOW! 

Like this look, girl? Check out the deets below. Leave a comment if you like!

Sneakers: Nike
Hoodie: H & M 
Jeans: Topshop
"Hot Mess Express" Keychain: Urban Outfitters
Photos by Camille Shaw


P.S.: apparently "Bawse Lady" is sold out :( but don't fret, because they may restock. The Lip Bar has a ton of bomb colors and shades. In fact, I wrote a post about three of my favorites. Check it out here!



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