Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Neutral Transition

We are now experiencing that strange period between winter and spring. The weather is weird and inconsistent, you experience at least five different temperatures a day, and you don't know what to wear. I know how it is, but the best part about this awkward time of year, is playing with your wardrobe. This is the best time to mix and match seasons, create new looks, and get rid of some stuff if you have to. I personally love finding new ways to carry over my pieces from season to season. I took two items from my fall wardrobe, and one from my winter wardrobe to create this very simple look. I'm gonna break this outfit down for ya!

1. The Shawl
So, I picked up this little olive number from Forever 21 last fall. It is literally one of my favorite pieces in my closet! I wear this thing all year, and I even have it in black. It's so versatile, light-weight, and the length is just to die for. Shawls and kimonos are great alternatives for jackets or sweaters, and instantly transform a look from plain to chic. Living in Florida, I don't experience a ton of cold weather, but it does get a lil' breezy from time to time. Light layers are always key!

2. Sleeveless Turtleneck
I'm not sure when I became obsessed with turtlenecks, but hey... here we are. Living in Florida, sometimes it just isn't cold enough to be walking around sporting one. At least with a sleeveless one, you can kind of still go for it. I picked this one up from Forever 21 also during the fall. Really, I fell in love with the color. It wasn't until I started putting it on with different outfits that I realized how handy it is. I can stay cool, yet warm enough to face the "winter winds."

3. Midi-Shorts
Okay, so I know these are shorts, but ummm the color, material and length make them totally appropriate to be worn in the spring, summer and fall. I picked these up in Macy's over the summer during my trip to New Orleans. Can you say Essence Festival?? *throws confetti* They were on sale, so I had to grab 'em. $20 for BCBG shorts, how could I not? Anyway, these can be worn with literally any shoe: flats, sneakers, heels, boot and sandals. You also aren't confided to one top with these babies, that's why they're so great all year long.

4. Nude Lace-Ups

These are probably may favorite shoes, guys. I have them in two colors! I have such a thing for ghillie laces, so I'm pretty happy that this trend is here to stay! Heels like this are awesome transition shoes, because they give an equal balance between coverage and exposure. Great alternative to booties in the fall and winter, and perfect sandals for summer and spring. They're nude, so you can pretty much throw them on with anything. I got these babies from Aldo!

Here's a lil' tip! Neutral colors are always in season. If you're really trying to maximize your wardrobe, be sure to go for a neutral color palette when choosing staple pieces. That way you have things to wear year-round. I can replace the turtleneck with a cute crop top for a whole new look in the summer. See how that works?

Shawl: Forever 21
Sleeveless Turtleneck: Forever 21
Heels: Aldo
Photos by Camille Shaw




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