Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Twinning with the Sunshine

I'm a sucker for wearing black and neutral colors, but there's something about yellow that makes my heart melt. In just about any shade, it compliments every skin tone and will brighten your day, if you let it. How could you not think of joy and sunshine when you see the color yellow? Whenever I'm feeling a little discouraged, or just need a little kick in my day, I make sure I wear it. I feel a tad more fashionable and super positive!

I bought this top from Zara back in like June or July for my summer wardrobe, but I wore it once and kind of forgot about it... I'm horrible. Luckily yellow goes with just about any season, so I can easily carry it over into fall. This top is like super dainty with a dash of sexy. I adore the little tie in the back and open panels on the sides. 

I styled it with a pair of boyfriend jeans, that were $10 by the way, and chunky heels. I kept it simple on the accessories, because who needs all that extra when you've got the world's happiest color on your back?

Top: Zara
Jeans: The Gap 
Shoes & Accessories: Aldo
Photos by Kyra Rosa


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