Monday, January 15, 2018

Wash N' Go + Twist-Out using NEW Creme Of Nature Coconut Milk Styling Products

Hey, hey! First off, I want to say that I've been working really hard on video content for YouTube as well as digital content for on my social media platforms, but I totally haven't abandoned my blog. Writing will ALWAYS be my first love and most true form of communication, but I really want to expand my brand and platform more this year. I've put it off for far too long. Second, in my last post I told you guys about my partnership with Creme Of Nature and their new line of products: the Coconut Milk Styling Line which is set to hit shelves later this month. I've finally used 'em. Twice, actually. I styled my hair in a wash n' go and a twist-out using a few products from the line and my results were superb! I have some hair pics and a video to share with you guys of both styles. Let me know what you think! 


A wash n' go is my go-to style. It just works for me and then I can always just throw my hair up in a bun or pineapple once it gets old. The products were a little thick for my hair, BUT I used literally just a  tad, and it worked out perfectly. I got a good amount moisture and definition, plus a whole lot of volume. These pics are first day hair. I styled my hair on my InstaStory last Sunday, but I plan to do a full video styling my wash n' go with these products. It'll be on my channel soon, but for now view the pics below.

Products Used:

Curl Repair Leave-In
Hydrating Curling Cream
Essential 7 Treatment Oil
Edge Tamer


This is my very first time doing a twist-out on my hair and I am so shocked with the results! The products made it super easy to moisturize and style my hair, and left my curls shiny, defined, and smelling like HEAVEN! Watch the pics & video below. 

Products Used:

Moisture Curl Hair Milk
Hydrating Curling Cream
Essential 7 Treatment Oil
Edge Tamer

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