Monday, October 13, 2014

City Nights | ATL

Saturday nights in ATL were made for bellies full of gumbo & crab cake sliders, plus five sips of a "Georgia Peach Martini"... all compliments of Front Page News,
Late night strolls on Moreland Avenue, 
featuring strange chicks playing fiddles and barking stray dogs.
Not to mention, Euclid provides the most stunning view of American Apparel!
Nothing's running other than MARTA & the mouth of a stranger you just so happen to be sharing the corner with,  before dodging the cars that never stop.
Ears filled with  the occasional chaos from the "let out" of a strip club mixed with pimp vibes & slow talk. The feeling of hope while watching couples hand in hand, 
taking on the night with good intent.
Bougie chicks fronting like they've got it .. what ever "it" may be, and everyone's a rapper... or a producer. They get creative.

Crisp winds x Plaid Flannels 

-at least that's what my Saturday night consisted of...

Flannel- Forever 21
Cropped Top- American Apparel
Shorts- American Apparel
Shoes- Dillards x BCBGeneration
Bag- H&M
Jewelry- Aldo
Lips- "Velvet Teddy" + "Lust" x MAC
Polish- "Eurso Euro" x O.P.I.

-Xo, Janée

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  1. I love this post, and the look and shoes are fab! You are a writer, loving it Janee! xoxo Shayla LáStar


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