Thursday, October 9, 2014


I took a stab at digital design today & it looks like I did well! I designed my very own miniature flyers to promote my baby: J. BARB. And guess what ... I did them on my iPhone ^_^! Crafty, right?!  This weekend, I'll be in Atlanta not only to do a little shopping & site-seeing, but to NETWORK & PROMOTE!!!! The Lipstick Lineup is a very cool networking event taking place this weekend in "the A" and I will definitely be there. I am so very excited to be joining other ladies who are all doing pretty amazing things. I can't wait to hand out my mini flyers and spread the word about J. BARB!!! Stay tuned for this weekend's ensembles and pictures from The Lipstick Lineup.

Design- Me
Print & Cut- Office Depot
Hope you like my flyers <3 

-Xo, Janée


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