Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I got a wax! my experience at brazil's waxing center

Hey hey! This post is an ode to Brazils Waxing Center, just in time for #WaxWednesday. I pretty much think the company and its staff are sent from heaven, don't debate me! Monday afternoon, I went in for some "special treatment" and got my girl fully uncovered... yes, I got a Brazilian wax. This wasn't my first wax experience, but it was my first time getting her fully unveiled and my first time going to this center. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already heard the rant on my story praising the aesthetician who just became my new best friend, Janel. She both educated me on the process of waxing, and showed me that it can truly be an enjoyable experience.

Elate Prevent 7.5% Glycolic Exfoliant
Brazils uses a hard, vegan wax, so it isn't nearly as painful as the traditional waxing method, which involves hot wax and strips. If you've ever had a traditional wax, or even your brows waxed, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The hard wax plus Janel's amazing breathing techniques made this the best Brazilian ever! She had me take a deep breath in while she applied the wax, and exhale when she ripped the hair away. Once we got to the more sensitive parts, she had me cough. May sound weird, but it definitely works! She's b been waxing for seven years, so I trust her with my whole heart.

There are multiple Brazils locations in five different cities. There are two centers here in Jacksonville, Florida: one in the St. John's Town Center and the other in Rivercity Marketplace, which is the one I went to. They offer a multitude of waxing services for both men and women and are a body positive space, so no matter who you are Brazils will take care of you. To make an appointment you can call them up on the phone, book your services online, or walk right on in.

Brazil's offers a four-step line of organic skin care products made especially for post-wax care, Elate. I purchased "Prevent," the exfoliant of the line. Janel suggested it to me for ingrown hairs, dead skin, and believe it or not, hyper pigmentation. I haven't used it yet, but a ton of my followers vouched for it and all the other products in the line. I've already decided to to purchase the rest of the line!

Dove Exfoliating Body Polish
A few of you on Instagram had questions about my visit, how I prepared for my wax, and the overall experience. See below for the answers, sis.

1. Did it hurt?

YES! But it was extremely tolerable. Over time, the pain lessens and it totally becomes a breeze.

2. How long did it take?

The site lists 15-20 minutes, but I really want to say 30. It honestly depends on you and your aesthetician.

3. How did you prepare?

I've been exfoliating my skin down there for weeks! It removes dead skin and softens the hair follicle, making for an easier wax.

4. What did you exfoliate with?

Pictured above is my current obsession, the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish. I got it in my goodie bag from Summit 21, but I'm certain it can be found in Wal Mart or Target. In fact, here's a link... click here.

5. Was it awkward?

At first, but I'm sure we've all been to the gyno so it's not completely weird. I will say that once we got to the back it was a bit invasive. Janel made this the best experience of my life. We even hugged when it was over. I've always heard that your wax-lady becomes your best friend at some point. 

6. How long does it take for the hair to grow back?

I'm pretty sure that varies depending on your personal hair cycle, but generally up to eight weeks. I'm personally hairy and will be returning in four weeks. 

7. Will you ever do it again?

ABSOLUTELY! Never going back to anything else.

8. Results? How does "it" look?

Girl, lol. It looks... hair-less. I am smooth and I love it!!! I feel better, too. Literally walked out the door feeling like a new lady.

I created a vlog for my experience, so stay tuned for a visual of my Brazils experience. I highly recommend this center and team! This was the best waxing experience I have ever had. BOOK NOW!

Be sure to mention me @janeebarbre for 25% off your first visit!




  1. I agree! My first wax was in the Tallahassee office last month and I was so impressed with this company!

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