Monday, January 14, 2019

I Needed a Break & That's Okay!

Whew, honey! 2019 is in full-swing. Since today makes two weeks officially, I feel like I can genuinely ask how it's going for you guys so far? I'll be honest, it started off a bit rocky for me. To be [partially] transparent, let's just say I lost a few things. Things that were vital, but are totally replaceable. I beat myself up a little bit about it at first, but after praying, journaling and coaching myself through optimism, I'm happy to say that I am simply okay with the way things are. I know that greater is coming and what is meant to be, will be! I am choosing strength and joy through this mini-storm, and that choice alone has helped me change my mindset.

In other news, I kind of want to tell you guys where I've been. You know, I never realized how many of my followers care about me until I took a break from Instagram. Listen... I got DM's daily asking about what's going on and why I hadn't been posting. Between September and December, I think I posted on Instagram maybe 12 times and haven't released new blog post since October. That can be insane to do for a blogger, but I was genuinely surprised that so many people even noticed. I received some of the sweetest comments whenever I'd peep in on my InstaStory a couple times a week. Those comments made me feel soooooo warm. It made me realize the content I create isn't irrelevant. My goal of inspiring and building genuine online relationships with the ones who consume what I produce is actually happening! I love it, but I needed a break...

I needed a break because I was starting to spend 75 percent of my day on Instagram alone. Scrolling endlessly, comparing my content to others, visiting The Shade Room three and four times a day. It was unreal. My laundry was so backed up and my room hadn't been cleaned in months. I wasn't keeping up with my hair or skincare routine. I would literally go to work and school, then come home, swap my outfit for an oversized tee and sit up in the bed on Instagram. 

I'd gotten so lazy and I was over it. It started to feel unhealthy. I was TIRED! I had to take action and ultimately decided that I was uninspired. While I am a blogger and I enjoy creating content to share on my website and feed, I had no idea what to put out. I don't like holiday content because it just seems forced, so I was at a lost. Everyone was participating in Vlogmas and I wanted to be as far away from that as possible. I decided that it was time for me to take a little break, and I am so glad that I did. 

I spent a ton of time with myself and my thoughts during those few weeks. I was still logging onto Instagram, but I limited myself and even found the discipline to delete the app for a few days. Many of my peers warned me that it wasn't a good idea because my followers would drop as well as my engagement. What they failed to realize is that if I remained in that space, I'd lose something way more valuable than my Instagram community. I'd lose my creativity. I needed to reset and refresh. I had to seek inspiration somewhere outside of my TL. I needed to wash my freaking clothes! Not to mention, my room is where I create most of my content and it was filthy. AND it was the end of fall semester, so finals and group projects were haunting me. I am so happy I pulled through!

I missed posting and creating, but I'm so happy I acknowledged my need to check back into reality. I even got the chance to travel with my boyfriend to cities and states I'd never been to before. I got the chance to SLEEP! What a privilege! I tried new food and saw snow for the first time! Y'all know I'm a Florida girl and all we get is sunshine and rain down here. I finished a book I had been reading since August. I organized my closet. Threw out old makeup. Purged through old mail and documents that dated as far back as 2013. SAD!

I took care of myself, but I took care of my blog, too! I worked with my best friend via WK Creative to create a new look for my platform. Did you peep my new logo? All part of the process. I've been working with my friend/photographer, Christa Merix, and I'm getting comfortable in front of the camera again. I created and taught my very first online course on becoming an Influencer and even decided to learn a few new skills. These are all the things I've decided to focus on instead of putting my energy into the things I've lost. 

I feel so much better because I took some time off. Now I feel inspired again and ready to create! I can safely say, in my Bryson Tiller voice, "I'm back and I'm better!" 

It is totally okay to take a break.

Shirt/Dress: Zara
Shorts: Thrifted/DIY
Socks: Shop ABSM
Photos x Christa Merix

P.S.: The digital version of my online course Influencer Reality: The Basics is available for purchase here.


  1. Sometimes we just have to keep it real with ourselves. Welcome back! Awesome post ✨


    1. Yes, girl! We have to keep it super real and put things in check. Thank you so much! ❤️

  2. I noticed you wasn’t posting as much but realizing you were probably taking a break which is much needed at time. Instagram can be so time consuming. Im also thinking about taking a break. But I’m happy to hear you are in the right mental space and focused on yourself. Welcome back Janee ❤️

    1. Hi Sam! Thank you so much. Take a break if you need to, girl. We’ll all be right here to support you when you come back. 🤗

  3. Tiera Shavone3:10 PM

    Love this Janée!

  4. Thank you so much, Tiera!! Your support always means the world. ❤️

  5. Taking a break is real. We often forget to be true to ourselves first, even if we are considered our brand. I definitely understand how you felt and I'm so glad to see you back, rested and refreshed! Ya look good girl!

    1. Thank you so much, Erika!! For everything.


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