Monday, January 21, 2019

Pretty Stuff: 5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Cheers to a new week, ladies! I think a few of us are still adjusting to the new year, which is totally fine! January is always a trial period and the real deal goes down in February anyway, lol. Last week, I made a cute lil' return to blogging and posting regularly. Thank you all so very much for welcoming me back with open arms. All the love, support, understanding, and virtual hugs truly warmed my heart. I've noticed that you guys really like my posts that are more personal. I love that dynamic, so I am here to share! 

This week, I want to reflect on something I've been actively working on for a while now: my self-confidence. For the longest time, I've battled negative thoughts, doubting myself and my talents, questioning my appearance... truly the list goes on. I've alway wanted to change all that, but was too lazy to really do anything about it. I was so lazy that I accepted this super watered down version of myself and threw a pit party each and every time I could. I'd go on and on talking about all the things I thought were wrong wrong with me, from my body to the way I dress. Never once taking a moment to give myself credit for, or celebrate all that is right!  

Oftentimes self-confidence is directly associated with physical appearance, so before we get into this, I'd just like to say that it goes far beyond that. 

Let's begin by defining self-confidence.

self-confidence: a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment.

As you can see, self-confidence weighs a lot more than the way we look. It's a feeling, girl. A "vibe," even. It's trust between you and you. It has to be nurtured and fed, but it definitely starts within. Once it is mastered within, it will begin to shine on the outside, without a doubt! 

I've finally made the decision to actively work on changing the narrative that I'm not a confident person and literally boost my self-confidence. There are five things I've been doing that I'd love to share with you because they've have been really working for me!!!

1. Listen to yourself. You are not crazy, okay? We are all built with an inner voice and I think she deserves to be listened to. Take the time out to think and evaluate before making decisions. Feel your way through things that are challenging and don't be hard on yourself when problems arise. Tell yourself that you are "that girl" and believe it!

2. Visualize your best self. Take all your passions and wildest dreams into account each and everyday. Find a way to incorporate at least one thing into your day that'll help you attain all the things you want. Consider it all in detail. For example, I want a pretty little BMW, all white. I want to drive while wearing a black turtleneck, top knot, slayed baby hairs and a bomb red lip! "Bawse Lady" by The Lip Bar, to be exact. See how specific that was? Go into detail with your thoughts about the the person you want to be, then work on being that her every single day! Ya know, being visual about your best self allows you to frame the future. It gives you something beautiful to look forward to.

3. Face your fears! Fear is so crazy. It is literally a thing that we create. By definition, fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something will cause pain, or a threat. When it comes to your personal fears, what is there to be afraid of, really? I mean honestly, I'm talking about the fears we have that hold us back from being great. Not monsters and ghosts, I'm talking about the fear of failure. The fear of embarrassment. The fear of judgment. If anything like that is keeping you from being confident within, it's time to address it and let it go. It 'aint worth it, sis.

4. Take SILLY selfies. Remove the pressure of being perfect by taking yourself a bit less serious for once. I love playing around with Snapchat filters and taking silly selfies and videos because it makes me laugh. You know what laughter is? Laughter is joy. You know what joy leads to? Joy leads to peace. You know where peace comes from? Peace comes from within. And guess what... so does self-confidence. Once you're able to find peace, even in your silliest moments, you can lighten up a bit. Be less tense mentally and physically, and in turn allow yourself the space to build self-confidence. This may seem random af, but trust me it works. The pics usually come out cute anyway! *pops gum*

5. Get dressed! One of my favorite ways to express myself, other than blogging, is through my personal style. I know we said that self-confidence goes beyond appearance, but on the real... when you look good, you feel good. Don't fall off! Get up and get dressed. I'm not saying you have to throw on a pair of Loubs and a fur coat, no. But you should definitely wear colors that make you feel happy and put on fabrics that feel good on your skin. Getting dressed always uplifts me. It is a form of self-care, if you allow it to be. The process of picking your outfit aligns with making your own decisions. It's a great way of practicing choosing what is best for YOU!

If you're struggling with boosting your self-confidence or aren't quite sure where to start on building it, give my tips a try! Be patient with yourself and know that this is all a journey. Enjoy the process and you'll be A-OKAY!

Outfit Deets
Top & Jeans: Zara
Booties: Aldo
Photos x CM Creative




  1. This is a great post. We all need to be made aware of our self confidence and ways to build!! Love your pictures!

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