Saturday, November 5, 2016

Babes Club

As I stated in a previous post, I live in Florida. So you know what that means-- it is still 200 degrees in November, and like most lovers of fall, I am PRESSED to wear a leather jacket. The reality of it all, is that it's just too hot! So yeah, I've been carrying my jacket. It's the closest I'll get to sporting it right now without sweating to death. It also makes for a great prop and perfect accessory.

This outfit totally happened by accident. I kind of ran out of clean clothes, because I skipped about five  laundry weekends, as always.  This tee and these jeans were like the only two clean articles of clothing  I had left, so I was like you know what... this will work. I'm starting to see that just like a good pair of black skinnies, gray is just as essential. Pairing these jeans with a yellow graphic tee was pretty daring for me, I usually stick to less edgier looks, but what the heck. It's super cute, right??


I knew for a fact that I'd want to do black heels with this outfit. I really wanted to keep it kind of edgy, so these black lace up's were the perfect addition to an already hot look. The cut-out detail gave my foot a lil' bit of detail and shape, plus all the extra sass I needed.

Big hair and red lipstick is my go-to look right now. I adore flaunting my curls! And with the right wash n' go, my hair is all I need to complete any look! Wash, diffuse, pick, and fluff. Red lips give me an extra boost of confidence, and practically go with everything. Details on this outfit below!

Jacket: Missguided
Jeans: Zara
Shoes & Accessories: Aldo
Lippie: Matte "Iconic" x Milani
Photos by Kyra Rosa

Love, Janée



  1. A leather jacket fits perfectly to your image as a kind of accessory. It gives your style a certain zest. Everything looks full and harmonious.

    1. I totally agree!! Thank you so much.

  2. I like that you use this bright accent in your look. Yellow T-shirt is so stylish that I decided to order it too. You inspired me. Many thanks and hear from you soon


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