Wednesday, November 16, 2016

No Glitter No Party

What's a party without glitter? Not a very spectacular one, I can assure you. When I laid my eyes on this super cute dress on Zara's website, I could not resist. I am a fanatic for shift and t-shirt dresses, so this was a must have! Because I am so petite, the oversized fit and length of dresses like this work well with my shape. This dress is full of glitter, from its graphic to its detail, and gave me soooo much LIFE!

To be quite honest with you guys, this was actually my birthday dress. Yeah! I wanted something cute and stylish, but also comfortable. I acheived all three of those goals with this dress, plus sent out a pretty strong statement: NO GLITTER NO PARTY. How could one not assume that it was my birthday? *flips hair*

I styled this dress with a a pair of black leather booties and a matching bag. The peep toe and high ankle detail on this shoe creates a very chic, "Italian" look. I've officially decide that these are my #GrownWoman heels, because I literally feel like I can do whatever I want when I'm wearing them. I've had this big clutch from Forever 21 for years! It is definitely a wardrobe staple of mine and I will keep for as long as I can! Chokers are pretty hot and trendy right now. I thought it'd be cute to throw one on with this outfit for some added detail. I think it pulled the outfit together, and meshed well with the texture of the letters on my dress. 

Really quick, let's discuss my obsession with this lippie. Not long ago, I vowed to master the art of sporting a bold red lip! I'd been a huge fan of MAC's "Ruby Woo" for the longest, until one of my friends suggested "Fashion Legacy". It's a liquid lipstick, also by MAC, and let me tell you... I haven't picked up Ruby Woo ever since. I'm sporting it here with this outfit, and I love how its literally my only pop of color. Bold, bright, and beautiful!!!

*outfit details below*

Dress: Zara
Booties: Aldo
Accessories: Forever 21 & Aldo
Lippie: "Fashion Legacy" x MAC
Photos by Kyra Rosa

Love, Janée



  1. Your outfits always give me life! Also, tis the season of wearing a fierce red lip!

    1. Awwww thanks so much! I love your style too, always so refreshing.

  2. The dress of this type fits perfectly with your height and your shape. It emphasizes certain advantages and hides the shortcomings.

  3. This urban style is exactly what I was looking for. I love classic but I am a modern girl.

  4. Dark grey is one of the modish colours, so it is good that you have decided to use it when creating the outfit. Thank you for the helpful combinations of clothes, best of luck.

  5. Such an image will help you become the brightest at any party, because it is simply impossible not to notice such a stylish and incredibly fashionable image.


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