Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Black and Magical

Something about wearing all black makes me feel chic and effortless. Black is such a majestic color, and while some may deem it boring and predictable, I find it to be perfect and enchanting. Black demands attention! With this look, I decided to try out a new trend and exercise my right to be black and magical!

Turtlenecks are so perfect for fall. They can be styled and worn in so many ways, and are super comfy (in most cases). Layering one under a slip dress is just super cute, and I'm so happy about this outfit. I originally ordered this dress for an entirely different look, but I just couldn't resist this trend. The gold necklace fit right in, and actually added a dash of color to this all black look!

I finished this outfit off with my favorite pair of booties. I got them last year from Forever 21 for about $20. The best thing about this shoe, is that the heel is chunky and gold! Yes, soooo cute! I promise to make a separate post about how awesome they are. This outfit is super easy to recreate, plus I left a list of links below for each item.

Dress: ASOS
Turtleneck: H & M
Booties: Forever 21
Accessories: Aldo
Photos by Kyra Rosa

Love, Janée



  1. The black color allows you to feel confident and luxurious in any case. This shade harmonizes perfectly with the style of the dress.

  2. Really good dress! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing a new outlook. Regards.

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  4. Must be sincere with you... The outfit is so cool! I have no words to express my delight! Thank you for sharing this content with us.


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