Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Frugal and Fabulous: The Finale + A Lil' Inspo Via Cardi B!

Photo courtesy of Complex Magazine

"... Say I don't gotta dance, I make money moves!"
- Cardi B, The Great

Ladies, we made it to the final day in February, WOO-HOO!!! Yesssss, we have reached the finale. Today is the very last day of Frugal and Fabulous February and it will officially be over at midnight. How are you feeling? Better yet, how well did you do? I will admit, I cracked a couple times, and I know for a fact a some of you did too because you told me so. NO SHADE! But, I promise you I held strong for a really long time and shopped hella less than usual. The thing to remember here is that we tried, right? Even better, we know that with proper discipline, our impulse shopping and buying can totally be controlled. Let's reflect!

Image extracted from cardi B's Instagram account @iamcardib

The goal in 2018 is to make money moves like Cardi B, but we gotta have some money to move with first! SN: Cardi B and Hennesy Carolina are the cutest set of sisters!!!

For 28 days, we had seven simple money-saving tips to follow and keep in mind. Many of you wrote me saying how you how you were close to buying random things, but quickly reconsidered and put it back. See, that's growth! 

"I almost bought these overalls yesterday but I didn't. Thank goodness! It was a close one though."

"I stuck to my budget in Target. One strategy that actually works is walking around the store on the phone while filling my buggy with all of the things I love and slowly unloading it as I walk throughout the store lol sounds weird but it works!!"

While the month is coming to an end, we don't have to stop being financially responsible, and we most certainly will never stop being fabulous. Remember the main goal was to take our futures into consideration and be less frivolous with our coins. The nature of the pledge remains the same, so should you find yourself going a little overboard just review it again and insert whatever month or time frame you need to in order to bounce back. You can review the tips and pledge here. Please write me and share your thoughts, experience(s), and feedback. As always, a direct link to this post will be sent to each of you on Instagram via DM, so you can also just respond there.

We're securing bags this year and every year after!


Image extracted from Cardi B's Instagram account @iamcardib

Inspo From Cardi B

We've watched our girl Cardi B flourish from the ever-so ratchet screen of Love & Hip Hop New York, to the illustrious red carpet at the Grammy Award. What a glow up, right? At only 25-years-old, Cardi B changed her life completely and got her money all the way up! Sis said she pays her mama's bills. Ummmm... I wanna pay Maria's (my mama) bills one day if I can. The thing to learn from Cardi, is that dreams do come true. It never matters where you start or come from, just where you're going. With a ton of work and dedication, we can attain that same glow up. I'm trying to lay down naked covered in money, too! Not literally, but you know what I mean. (lol)

So now that Frugal February is over, I'll close this by saying:
Cheers to being financially fabulous.

Thank you so much for joining me.


P.S.: The Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$ playlist will live on Apple Music. The link will always be accessible, unless Apple tries to finesse us. Click here to listen.


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