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Wakanda Forever! Five Things I Love About Black Panther

Alright, I gave you guys a full weekend, a holiday, and two regular-degular days to go see Black Panther before I ranted about it on my blog. I've personally seen it twice already: Thursday night, I went to its pre-screening with my friend Amahdiya, and I saw it again on Sunday evening with my family. Time is up for y'all, and I'm ready to talk about it. That film was EVERYTHING and more. It literally exceeded all of my expectations and I've never felt so good after watching a movie. I promise you I am not exaggerating. There is so much about this film to take in and it's a whole win for black people! Black Panther is more than just a Marvel movie featuring a black superhero. 

"Sooo many things we could talk about the movie 'cause there were so many underlying messages: the true strength of black women and the roles we play in the black community, is it better to segregate ourselves as a black culture, how RICH Africa really is, African vs. African-American."

- Chelsie Boyd, Holder of Black Girl Magic & Fellow Blogger-Boo   

Ryan Coogler is a true, creative and genius of a director! I knew this movie was going to be fire the moment I found out Wakanda was in his hands. Anytime he and Michael B.(ae) Jordan work on the same production, black excellence is the only thing that comes of it! Check their receipts. I could go on and on about how amazing the film is, but I've managed to compose a short list of five things I loved the most.

 1. Princess Shuri

image extracted from Instagram, @letitiawright
Everything about her was LIT! She's gorgeous, her hair was on point, stylish af, quick and witty, and most importantly she was smart as hell!!!!! Did you see Shuri's lab? Did you hear the way she spoke? How knowledgeable she was about Vibranium, its power, and how to use it? It was so nice to see a young black woman portrayed this way. A woman in general! I am so proud of Letitia Wright! I remember when she played in the UK series Top Boy on Netflix. Keep shining, girl. 

2. Queen Ramonda & her Silver Locs

image extracted from Instagram, @im.angelabassett
Angela Bassett is a QUEEN in every sense of the word. Her role in Black Panther is no different, as she embodies the true essence of royalty as Queen Romanda. The crown she wore covered her hair for the majority of the film, but there were scenes were her grey locs were unveiled and I was literally in awe! The representation of natural hair in this movie is to die for.

3. "Hey Auntie," Killmonger

image extracted from Instagram, @michaelbjordan
*sigh* Where do I begin here? Erik Killmonger was played by Michael B.(ae) Jordan. He was a low-key villain, but he meant well. I'm trying to downplay the level of ill-intent he walked up in Wakanda with, as well as ignore the fact that he shot and killed his old lady like it was nothing. He also tried to kill King T'Challa and ordered the servants to burn down the garden of the Heart-Shaped Herb, but he's so cute, so he gets a pass! I tried to take him seriously as a villain, but I knew deep down in his heart he just wanted to save the world and help black people, outside of Wakanda, fight for their justice and equality. Maybe there was a better way he could have gone about that, but as a black man in America, sometimes all you can do is fight. That's what I admire most about his character; he was filled with pride and integrity. There are so many iconic Killmonger quotes, but when he looked at Queen Ramonda and said "Hey Auntie," I lost it. It was hilarious and a wonderful segway into a comedic moment. Black Panther is so triumphant! 
Did y'all see the comment Karruche left under this exact photo on Instagram? (lmbo)

4. THESE TWO: Okoye and Nakia!

image extracted from Instagram, @lupitanyongo
How can two individuals be so perfect? Dania Guira as Okoye and Lupita Nyongo as Nakia are so lovely to watch in this film. They both serve and fight for Wakanda in very different ways, but do it with grace, style, and technique. That's the true strength of black women and the role we play in the community that Chelsie was talking about. Okoye makes me want to carry around a sphere, okay! As general of the Dora Milaje and the head of Wakanda's armed forces and Intel, she is not someone you want to play with. Nakia and her stubborn ways were real signs of fearlessness. She is a fighter and T'Challa's soft spot for her is the most adorable thing. 

5. The Black Panther Himself, King T'Challa

image extracted from Instagram, @chadwickboseman
Chadwick Boseman has got to be the smoothest portrayal of a king I have ever witnessed. Everything about T'Challa was just... I can't even find the words. I don't want to be a full cornball, but his accent was like music to my ears. I loved how he honored his father, fought for Wakanda, remained strong the whole time, and even offered to save Killmonger's life (even after he tried to get rid of him forever). He is so humble, from the way he moves to his choice of suit. I almost leaped out of my seat when he rose from the snow, alive and well! "As you can see, I am not dead!" Another iconic line from the film. I heard they're calling Chadwick the Denzel of our time, what do y'all think? 

6. The Soundtrack: Black Panther The Album Music From and Inspired By

image extracted from Apple Music

Kendrick Lamar, Top Dawg, and Ryan Coogler joined forces to put this work of art together and I am obsessed. There are 14 tracks that feature artists like Future, Sza, School Boy Q, Jorja Smith, The Weeknd, and so many more. It's perfect for the gym, especially track number five "Opps" by Vince Staples and Yugen Blakrok. Try doing an ab circuit to it. It's lit! "The Ways" by Khalid and Swae Lee is my favorite song on the album. 

Click here to listen via Apple Music.

The question now isn't "Have you seen Black Panther," it's "How many times have you seen Black Panther?" Like I said, I've seen it twice, and yes I plan to go again. *flips hair* 



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