Monday, February 12, 2018

Frugal & Fabulous: Money-Saving Update + Rihanna Is Goals!

Image extracted from Rihanna's Instagram account @badgalriri
Look at Rihanna. Can you say GOALS?!

Hey ladies! We're almost half-way through February, Y'all doing alright? I'll admit, I almost cracked in Sephora last Monday. I gave my mom a gift card to shop there for Christmas. She's been itching to (finally) spend it and insisted that I go with her. She's fully aware of my shopping fast, so I don't know why she wanted to play with my feelings like that, but I agreed to go. As soon as I walked in, I noticed the Fenty Beauty display fully stocked and on fleek with all 40 shades of the ever-popular Pro Filt'r foundation. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been struggling to secure my bottle since it released. *refer to the post here* I decided to get matched, but it took everything in me to refrain from making a purchase. I instead got a lil' sample and continued to compose a mental wishlist of all the things my heart desired. I did well! *pats self on the back*

Image extracted from Instagram @kinky_chicks1
Don't be this version of Rih. Strive for mama in the first pic!

Referring back to the seven tips helped me remain strong! I know for a fact that if I had decided to cheat and get the foundation, I would have walked out with the primer, the brushes, a new highlighter, and the galaxy eyeshadow palette... okay?! I want to save money and also lead by example.

Have you cracked? If so, let me know! I sent this post directly to each of you on Instagram via DM, so feel to reply to me there, or you can leave a comment below. It isn't the end of the world, so don't fret. You should definitely give yourself credit for trying. Review the tips and pledge here as a refresher. There's also the playlist, which I update almost daily so please give it a listen. Access it here. For extra motivation, think about the meme above. We're 12 days in and we only have 16 more to go. 


Rihanna is GOALS!

Rihanna is GOALS because she's a whole empire on her own. She's covered every territory, from music to fashion, and now beauty. Rih constantly has us hyped for whatever she's gonna do next. I am hella proud of her and super inspired. She's all about her dreams, inspiring women, and earning her coins. At 29-years-old, that's gotta be lit. That's the kind of drive we must have, ladies. Follow your dreams and stay focused, the dollars will come. We're prepping for it now by practicing better money management skills. We gotta be successful and lit just like the bad gal herself.

Cheers to being fabulously frugal.



  1. Tierra Loren5:05 PM

    I think the hardest part for me is unnecessary food purchases, I spend money on food out of convenience. So I have to focus on cooking more, and spending less.

    1. Oh yes! A lot of my money goes to food, too. Next month I'm going to work on eating in more for sure. Baby steps, lol

  2. Lover4:38 PM

    Yeah so... I definitely purchased my shade of fenty last week! But... I stuck to my budget in target. One strategy that actually works is walking around the store on the phone while filling my buggy with all of the things I love and slowly unloading it as I walk throughout the store lol sounds weird but it works!!

    1. Lol it’s okay, girl. Fenty will truly getcha! I’ll get mine eventually. Target is also a trap, so that’s an excellent strategy.


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